Right side

​$18.95 plus $10.00 shipping

89 mm Head gasket

​​86 mm Head gasket

Base Gasket- .020 thick

Cylinder Spacer Plate

        quantity 1               

  $135.00 plus $10.00 shipping

Barnett Clutch Springs

Left side

​$18.95 plus $10.00 shipping

  Stainless Steel Engine Cover Bolts

81 mm Head gasket


$375.00- $625.00

plus $15.00 shipping

​Call John for prices and ordering information


ALL ​Head Gaskets 

$52.50 plus $10.00 shipping

Left Cover Gasket - Magneto side

$19.95 plus $10.00 shipping

Right Cover Gasket - Clutch side

​$19.95 plus $10.00 shipping

Base Gasket- .012 thick




Cam Number        Valve  Duration   Lobe     Description and application                                 Intake open/close      running

                               Lift      at .040'    Center                                                                              Exhaust open/close   clearance

127-00 127-00NB  .345"   241'       100.5'    OK with stock pistons and springs. Increased                  20btc/41abc       .003"

                              .310"   243'        103.5'     mid-range, improved torque on and off-road cam.           45bbc/18atc        .003"

127-20 127-20NB  .356"   250'        103'       Best all around on and off-road cam. OK with stock        22btc/45abc       .003"                                  .332"   252'        104'       XL-350 piston. Must check clearance in XL-250.             50bbc/22atc       .003"                                                                         Great mid- range and top-end. Use HVS-250 valve springs.                               

127-40 127-40NB  .365"   243'        103.5'    Use with motified piston and springs.                               18btc/45abc       .004"

                               .365"   243'        103.5'    Best cam for TT, moto-X. Great throttle response           45bbc/18atc      .004"

127-60 127-60NB  .417"   250'        101'       1/8 and 1/4 mile modified midget profile. Strongest          24btc/45abc       .004"

                              .374"   250'         101'      mid to upper range cam. Must use racing piston              46bbc/24alc       .004"

                                                                      and springs. Smooth power band.                                                                      

127-90 127-90NB  .415"    276'        105'      Full race cam. Maximum top-end power. For high           33btc/63abc       .005"

                              .405"    273'        103.5'    R.P.M. applications. 3/8 and 1/2 mile. Must use              60bbc/33atc       .005"

                                                                       #229-H, and racing piston. Must grind cyclinder head

                                                                       for clearance.



Barnett Clutch Plates

​quantity 7 friction plates

​$148.50 Clutch plates only plus $10.00 shipping


BEST VALUE  $186.50 Clutch Plates and   springs plus $10.00 shipping

Base Gasket- .031 thick

Gaskets seal the compression in

Valve Springs

Barnett Clutch Springs

aluminum  spacer plate is necessary for long rod stroker crankshaft 5/16 (8mm)

you must use longer studs sold below 7 9/16 inch

stainless steel allen screw kit for left side engine case and sprocket cover  $19.95  plus $10.00shipping




​Aligned boring of a damaged cylinder head is needed to use needle bearing cams. Must send head,cover and 4 bolts. Extra charge to remove studs. Extra charge for welding to repair extensively damages cylinder heads.

1974-1978 Honda XL350 Barnett Clutch 7- kevlar friction plates which are lighter weight, better vibration damping, increase strength and do not heat up like conventional plate material. A good set of clutch plates and springs are necessary in increased horsepower engines.

​OEM# 301-48-1001

2 or 3 ring, pin, circlips

​forged means a stronger more durable piston, higher compression, with superior quality rings equals less ring wear

SHIPPING CHARGES are based on shipping within the 48 contiguous states in the  United States. I will send you an email if you are outside the 48 contiguous states with shipping charges options. Also, please email me if ordering several parts as I will adjust your shipping charges.  SHIPPING CHARGES are NOT refundable. 

Replace your studs with a better made, better material, higher torque ability, less stretch which helps to prevent fewer head gasket problems

Heavy Duty Studs - 4

replacement for original studs required when installing cylinder spacer plate length 7 9/16 inch diameter .392

$135.00 plus $10.00 shipping

1974-1978 Honda XL350 Barnett Clutch Springs Kit

Quantity- 4 springs

OEM # 501-56-04015

​Springs are pre-set, shot-peened and heat treated

​for performance and durablity. A quality set of springs fight fatique, apply better pressure to plates to prevent slipage which transfers better power to the rear wheel.

Valve springs with aluminum tops

​$295.00 plus $10.00 shipping

89.5 mm Head gasket

Forged Custom piston
made in the USA

$315.00 plus $20.00  shipping

Barnett Clutch  Springs

​          quantity 4 springs               $39.95 plus $10.00 shipping

Barnett Clutch Springs

If you need a part or service not shown, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I have 40 years invested in the Honda motorcycle racing scene and Honda XL350 engine building. Thru these years I have gained a tremendous knowledge about the engines, parts and how to service and build these special motorcycles. I have 10 years of Honda motorcycle dealership experience, as both a service technician and service manager from 1970 to 1979, so I have first hand knowledge about the Honda XL350

Also, contact me if you have used engines or parts for sale.

​Hondajohn 50

ALL ​Base Gaskets

$19.95 plus $10.00 shipping

Heavy duty cam chain- worn chains are likely to break causing  severe engine damage so replace your chain regularly to prevent undue expense and repair

​$95.00 plus $10.00 shipping


Heavy Duty Studs - 4

same size as original studs length 7 5/16 inch 

$135.00 plus $10.00 shipping


various sizes and types available please $100.00-$175.00 each call John for pricing


Gaskets seal the compression in